Lysa Flower grew up among makers, collectors and by necessity inventors. Although she's not sure her grandfather's jet engine mounted to the back of a boat was a necessity, it was a design challenge she could appreciate. 

Inevitably Lysa (pronounced Lisa) also became a designer, maker and if we’re really being honest, a collector of all things retro. Mixed with growing up in the 80's she fell deeply, madly in love with pop culture. It was only a matter of time before she started drawing, printing and inventing her own modern sewing and surface pattern designs.

Using cheeky cheerfulness throughout her work, her designs are bright, graphic, optimistic and colourful.

Nestled between the ocean, immense trees and mountains, Lysa lives in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, Canada.

If she had to be a print she'd be a polka dot... because dots are unassuming and polkas are outrageously fun!