In February Kim Kight co-founder of then Cotton + Steel, invited me to sew for her new Snap to Grid Spring 2017 Collection! There was A LOT of secret sewing going on-whoa doggie! And then there was Quilt Market! That was a check off my bucket list moment! 

I'm thrilled to share everything with you! I did three projects for Kim, my Cassette Tape quilt, the Cassingle and this Boombox Sewing Machine Cover! You can download the Boombox tutorial HERE! To make it you’ll need both the Boombox quilt and the Cassette Tape pattern/tutorial. Both patterns can be found on ETSY

 This part is my absolute favorite! I love sharing photo’s of patterns that people have made. Check it out:

  • Kam: Wow her colours and hues just blow my mind!

  • Chelsey: I’m proud to announce she won first place at her county fair for this pillow!!!

  • Stephanie: Yep, that’s 28 cassette around a boombox!

  • Rachael: She made this quilt for her daughter, inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. I also love that I’m on what she called the “B” side! Ha, so clever!