In February Kim Kight, co-founder of Cotton + Steel, invited me to sew for her new Snap to Grid Spring 2017 Collection! There was (again) A LOT of secret sewing going on-whoa doggie! And then there was Quilt Market! That was a check off my bucket list moment! I'm still processing it all.

I'm thrilled I can finally share everything with you! I did three projects for Kim, my Cassette Tapes mini quilt, a new pattern specifically designed for the show, Cassingle AND lastly my Boombox Sewing Machine Cover! AND yes the cassette tape part opens to a cassette tape zippy pouch! We did a sew-a-long this summer but don't worry you can get the the Boombox tutorial HERE! And the Cassette Zippy Pouch tutorial HERE!

PS. To make the Boombox Sewing Machine Cover, the BOOMBOX and the CASSETTE TAPES patterns are needed. To buy the patterns visit ETSY.