It all started with a finding a box of cassette tapes in the garage. In the end it became this. Posting on Instagram as I made it, excitement for the project took over my feed like wildfire. By the time the quilt was completed and posted, it had received much love, pattern requests and even a marriage proposal!.... I couldn't do anything about the marriage proposal. So I made the pattern. It's available on ETSY

This little quilt also made it in to Quiltcon 2016 and the LA Times. 

I'm often blown away by what people do with my patterns and I love showing them off!

Made for a baby quilt, the bias tape"LOVE" cassette is by the talented Kim Andersson! Not only is the bias tape impressive, check out the embroadired cassette label. Brillinat!

Stephanie not only a sewed a BOOMBOX but also 28! 28 cassette tapes as a rainbow boarder. Mind. Blown!!! and it was super fun to watch her progress on Instagram. What a treat!