This weeks theme might be girl crushes. Once again I'm crushing on Kam's (@needleplusthread) Boombox post. Gah! That, pushed play button, it get's me every time! This week (I think it's my favourite) everything starts to come together. It's so satisfying! You can get the instructions... HERE.

I'D LOVE FOR YOU TO MEET: Annabel Wrigley (@littlepincusionstudio)! I met Annabel at Quilt Market this spring and not only did I fall deeply, madly, truly in love with her new collection for Windham Fabrics, Daisy Chain, I kind of fell in love with HER. She's a bright bubbly lady who loves to teach children how to sew. Were not talking old-y time rigid, home EC classes... she's teaching kids how to be artists from her Little Pincushion Studio. She also teaches CREATIVE BUG CLASSES online if you're like me and can't make it to her Virginia studio. Oh and did I mention she's written three books. Yep, definite girl crush material!

RECOMMENDED TOOL: Annabel's booth at Spring Quilt Market was bright and cheerful! You couldn't help but be drawn into it. AND THEN you'd discover not only did she have quilt-y cookies, she had a make and take of POM-POMS! I may have a slight addiction to pom-poms but let's keep that on the down low. So of course when my Quilt Market BFF, Natalie (@sewhungryhippie) and I discovered Annabel was selling pom-pom makers,  LOOME (one tool, infinite possibilities)... you know what happened next right. You can never make enough!

RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR PLAYLIST: I FINALLY saw La, La Land! As much as I love music I'm not a huge musical fan, so I resisted only to discover it was adorable and romantic. I can see why Emma Stone won an Oscar. If you haven't seen the movie don't worry, no spoilers here (although I suspect I might have been the last person on the planet to have finally seen it). There is one scene where Making Plans for Nigel plays. I forgot how much I LOVED that song! Technically it was released in 1979, but I'm going to lump it in with my 80's theme (I won't tell, if you won't). Two more musts: Major Tom (1983) and I Don't like Monday's (1979 as well... shhh). Good thing it's Tuesday! Happy Tuesday!