This is the week that feels like magic. After this the Boombox Sewing Machine Cover is half done! Can you believe it? HALF DONE! It's all down hill from here! WEeeeeeeeeeee... This weeks instructions are HERE.

RECOMMENDED PATTERN: I first saw Julia (@alchmeytea) speak at Quiltcon 2016. Then we met the next day at a Valori Wells (@valoriwells) lino block class I was taking (she was helping Valori). I've been following her on Instagram ever since. She does pretty much everything and REALLY well! She illustrates, prints, sews garments, quilts and now she's has come out with a killer pattern! I absolutely LOVE cone flowers so yep! Had to buy it. You can too! HERE

RECOMMENDED WATCHING: SONG OF THE SEA. SO beautiful! I'm not sure how our family missed it in theaters. It's full of all types of patterns/quilt-y designs and the story is just as gorgeous!

RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR 80'S PLAYLIST: Anything from the CARS! Specifically MAGIC (wow how it pulls me right into school being out, big plans and content boredom). But couldn't I stop there! Especially when I found this snazzy site called SONG FACTS. Remember LETS GO ? (I like the nightlife baby!). How about HELLO? Fun fact: Andy Warhol is the bartender in the video! It was one of his last appearances before he died! JUST WHAT I NEEDED GAh!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! SHAKE IT UP (Oh! Ooo!), TONIGHT SHE COMES (wow his hair! Quite spectacular!) AND the most 80's of them all YOU MIGHT THINK

Not 80's but very necessary for the season: SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER. Yeah, I might have a thing for Alice Cooper. If only I could talk my family into dressing up like the rest of the band in the video, my vision would be complete! P.S. my shirt is from a local (local to me) company called LOCOMOTIVE CLOTHING AND SUPPLY. They're rad! (@locomotiveclothing)