Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Well that was fun! Thank you to everyone who entered the Cassingle pattern giveaway. All the 80's song suggestions were so RAD! To quote Hot Chocolate, "Every 1's a Winner!"  Together we created a pretty darn snazzy playlist! You can listen and see it HERE.

And the randomly selected winners are...from Instagram: @gardenvarietycookie and @villageboundquilts. From the Facebook page: Farah Rhoads and Sue Augusto Mariotti . From the website: Zenna Nixon. Winners please send me your email address and I'll send the pattern off to you pronto!

So what's next? This week I'm off on a road trip back to the prairies to visit family. You know what that means? Lots of hand sewing! Yay! I've come to discover I really enjoying being trapped in a car and limited to what I can work on. 

I recently found this video from when my dad was a kid. His family was at the lake and my grandfather had built the boat they're in. He had been known to mount a jet engines to the back of a boats! This one is his little boat. I believe he built it for my dad. He was quite the inventor! I'd like to think that's where my drive to invent and create patterns came from. Kind of the same, right?! Ha, ha! I'm not sure which I loved more, seeing my grandma as a hottie or the the tiny boat! Either way, Yowza!

I'm looking forward to visiting my home town... and their fabric store! My first job out of high school was working there. It's since been purchased by Kathleen Riggins family and is now called The Sewing Center.  Did you know she just came out with a book?! It's called Diary of a Young Swirl. There may be some shopping happening there... who's to say?

And speaking of shopping... Have you heard of Massdrop? It's community driven commerce. They have Quilting, Knitting, Beauty, Writing and Photography products, plus way more. The idea is if you get enough people to agree to buy something, you all get a heavily reduced price! I just bought a whack of sewing machine needles and I have seen Oliso irons on there! Ooo, I really want a pink one. They only had blue tho. There that should be enough to get you in trouble right?! You can check it out HERE. They have new drops all the time.