Week two of the BOOMBOX sew-a-long. How's everyone doing? Have you selected all your fabric? Check! Bought your extra supplies? Che... uh-oh!? I chatted with Dinkydoo Fabrics this week and they said they could get in the Bosal Foam if you still need to get it (you'll need it for June 20th). She's local BUT she also has an online store. 

The first few photos are from Kam (@needleplusthread). She's picked some very yummy colors for her Boombox. She's not making the sewing machine cover but she's making TWO quilts! This is some of the piecing you can expect this week. DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE DID WITH THE BUTTONS?!!! I squealed when I noticed she pushed play! Followed with a, "Darn! Wish I had thought of that!" :D 

The next set of instructions for the Boombox sew-a-long you can get: HERE. PLEASE NOTE: It seems as much as you test, test, test little sneaky things can slip by. I just discovered that the LIGHT DISPLAY on page 10 was reversed. Please refer to page 9's LIGHT DISPLAY KEY as the correct one. 

RECOMMENDED READING: I was lucky enough to pick up Fussy Cut Sampler at Quilt Market. I was able to get it signed and meet the two adorable, funny and sweet authors, Nichole Ramirez and Elisabeth (Woo) Hardy (@elisabew and @catwithfins ). Have you seen the enamel pins they have... er did have. Sadly they're all sold out, but GOOD NEWS! They're  getting new ones in new colors! YAY!

Nicole and Elisabeth are doing a sew-a-long of all the blocks in their book. Felice (@iamlunasol) and Natalie (@sewhungryhippie) have already done up some very dreamy ones. Le sigh...

RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR HEART: Kerry Goulder (@ Kidgiddy) is donating 50% of her Queen Bee Quilt pattern proceeds for the next week to the #westandtogethermanchester support fund.

RECOMMENDED FOR FATHERS DAY: I'm a big fan of Messy Bed Studios. When I saw Lisa's new Father's day card, I laughed, it rang so true. Good thing my husband has such a good sense of humour!

RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR PLAYLIST: Metric. They're a Canadian band, dare I say with Blondie tenancies.