A few months back I interviewed Andrea Tsang Jackson on this newsletter. Since then she's created a new project called Our Song, Your Reflection. It's in collaboration between Andrea, and singer-song writer Meaghan Smith. Andrea created a beautiful quilt design and Meagan wrote a song that speaks about the importance of community and the human connections that we make. The song doesn't specifically speak of quilting, but there are references and it reflects the quit design. I was honoured that Andrea asked me to be a part of the project. To find out more about it, they have a great video you can see on IndiGoGo, HERE.

As I sewed my blocks, I thought about my community. I remember in art school, sitting in Art History, learning about the different movements. I longed for something like that. Artists meeting in cafes, encouraging each other, discussing different techniques, sharing information, swapping pieces of art work... jump ahead to 2010. A little tweet about the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild starting up landed in my lap. Shortly after that I co-founded the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild... and as luck would have it I'd have the chance to almost yearly visit the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild. I've traveled twice to Quiltcon and to Quilt Market. I had no idea back then I was joining a movement, all I knew is I wanted to PLAY!

And this doesn't even include the huge community on Instagram! Swaps are coordinated there, bee's are formed and challenges are announced.

I'm so grateful for each community and the unique people in them. I'm grateful for the ALL the things they've taught me, their humour, their encouragement, their talent and their friendship. Not to get to sappy, but I'd like to thank you for being a part of this community. It means the world to me! xo

RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR PLAY LIST: Meaghan's song, Your Refelctions. Enjoy!