I'm back from my winter hibernation and I couldn't wait to check in with you before next Tuesday. I hope you had a cozy winter break. Happy New Year! 

Over the break I snuck in some time to experiment with Adobe Illustrator. As inspiration I used some photos of zinnias I took last September at Krauss Berry Farms in Langley. I know it's a loose comparison but zinnia reminds me of Xena: the Warrior Princess. Do remember that from TV show from the 90's? I never watched it a ton but gosh I LOVED her battle cry. Zinnia's have strong stems, they don't apology for their bold colour and they're not delicate and frou-frou, like some flowers. Hello roses, such diva's needing to be pruned with all those testy thorns. See what I mean, zinnia's, they're Warrior Princesses! Like Lucy Lawless... and I bet they'd have the same battle cry. 

Now I couldn't decide if I liked the black or the cream background best so I made both into PDF's for you. Click HERE for black and click HERE for white. Also when I was playing around I  made a January calendar page for you! Click HERE.

Keeping with tradition of my RECOMMENDATIONS: I recently discovered Andy J Pizza's podcast "Creative Pep Talk" via the Jealous Curator. He's entertaining to listen to while working in the studio and he's always recommending other podcasts and books. Oh and he just published a book under the same title! Which reminds me, yesterday I picked up Lisa Congdon's new book, A Glorious Freedom: Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives. I'm excited about digging into it!

And finally RECOMMENDED for your playlist: Check out Kim Kight's Snap to Grid PLAYLIST. It's well worth subscribing to Spotify for, although I miss the videos... I'm such an 80's kid.