I've never been on a bender but I'm guessing this is what the aftermath feels like. Last week was Quiltcon 2018 in Pasadena, California. My phone is littered with ALL the quilts. My brain is full of inspiration and my heart is full of how much I love makers. And as you know I'm especially a fan girl of these two ladies: Melody Miller and Latifah Saafir! They were gracious enough to let me grab a picture with them in front of my Fangirl quilt. Melody designed the fabric and Latifah designed the Glam clam quilt pattern. I was the lucky girl who sewed it all together. 

Quiltcon was busting with energy and I think the snaps I caught of Annabel Wrigley (my partner in crime at the show) summed up how we all felt to be there. She caught some good air there, didn't she?! Right after she landed that jump, security poked their head through the drapes to make sure everything was ok. Yes, indeed it was! One of her doodle quilts ended up on the banners for the show! Woo hoo! How snazzy is that!

There were SO many quilts, so many of them I loved but I was especially excited to see Lindsey Neill's Sewology quilt in the show. I had never seen it in person before and it certainly didn't disappoint! I've bought the pattern and it's on my to do list. It's supposed to be a monthly sew along but between you and me, I'm behind. In case you want to be behind with me, this pattern can be purchased on Craftsy.

The other quilt that especially caught my attention (I could have spent the whole day lost in it) was Carolyn Friedlander's Collection quilt. I think we can all agree her fabrics and quilt patterns are dreamy but seeing her quilting close up was stunning. Everything was so carefully considered, thoughtfully placed and gentle. Then we were given the treat of seeing her sketches and a peek into her process. I love that she's an old school paper and pencils girl! 

I'm sure you've seen the Quiltcon pictures swimming around on Instagram all weekend. I didn't post anything as I was busy being overwhelmed. I did my best to drink in the show and live in the moment... and perhaps that's why I'm was left feeling like I needed to turtle and hide out for a bit (behind my CAUSE YOU CAN'T YOU WON'T AND YOU DON'T STOP quilt)... and why I feel like I've been on a week long dance party bender. Self care here I come!

This week's RECOMMENDED playlist addition: Party Rock Anthem. Which summizes the energy of Quiltcon! See you in Nashville next year!