After my Mixed Cassette Tapes quilt I had been searching for something new to do. Then BAM! Memories flooded in of my first boombox... and they ended with John Cusack holding a boombox over his head in the 1989 movie, Say Anything. *Spoiler alert* that's the title of this quilt, "Say Anything".

The pattern is available on ESTY.

Guess what else you can make with the pattern?! Only a sewing machine cover!!! And yes it opens to a CASSETTE TAPE ZIPPY POUCH inside. You can get the BOOMBOX sewing machine cover tutorial HERE. It was originally sewn for Kim Kights Spring 2017 Snap to Grid collection. That second to last fuzzy photo, that’s was super rad video they made for the collection using the sewing machine cover. You can view it HERE.

… And yes that is a Boombox bag! It’s being modeled by the very talented Britney Burner. She’s the one responsible for the snazzy shots of me and my studio on this website!