The first book cover I ever made (the yellow one) was for a swap at the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meetup back in 2015. It was put on by the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild and it was so much fun! I also got the chance to meet my partner in crime Jonna (@bespokeoutlaw), pattern tester extraordinaire! Check out her floral version of the book covers. The centers of the cassettes are brilliant! 

In testing this tutorial Jonna discovered if you enlarge the medium Cassette Tapes pattern by 15% on your printer it makes a perfect cover for a 5" x 7" notebook. If you increase the small pattern by 39% on your printer it perfectly covers a small moleskin! Just remember to increase or decrease the same percentage for the spines (cassette bottoms, don't worry, it's included in the PDF). 

These are so fun and fast to make, especially if you love fussy cutting and selvages like we do! 

For this project you'll need the CASSETTE TAPE PATTERN, it's available on ETSY. To download the tutorial click HERE.

Happy #sewinglikeamothertrucker!